Fall Conference 2018

Thank you all those who attended, participated in, and helped to make our AZ AER Fall 2018 Conference such a wonderful experience. We had more than 110 individuals in attendance at the Little America Hotel in Flagstaff, including nearly 50 presenters from all across the state of Arizona, and also from Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Washington. Among these were ASDB students and parents who discussed use of assistive technology, issues related to optic nerve hypoplasia, and cooking tips for individuals with visual impairments. Eleven students from the University of Arizona were present; we welcome them and their current and future contributions to our field.

We received a beautiful and unexpected donation of three brailler covers from a TVI at the Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind; many others contributed exceptionally thoughtful gifts for raffles and prizes. These included Vicki Numkena and Garrison Tsinajinie’s father and mother, who donated their own handcrafted jewelry.