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Dear AZAER members,

It took a few months more than I had hoped, but I can finally announce the creation of the AZAER Family Fund in memory of Susan Greer and all our dedicated colleagues, including those still with us and those that have passed on.

During these next few months of giving and sharing, I encourage you to donate to the Family Fund or any of the AZAER grants/scholarships, in honor of a favorite co-worker, beloved boss or best student teacher ever!

Click this link to go to the “Grants & Scholarships” page for more information. Make sure that when you donate, that you indicate “Family Fund” (or whichever grant you want your donation to go to) AND the name of the person that you are “honoring.”

At our spring conferences, we will read the names of those who have been remembered through our donations.

Thank you for your kind hearts and generosity,

Vicki Numkena

AZAER member since 1990